Lottie’s Fall Bling – Wanna Buy?

October 4, 2013

Late Blooming Blinger

September 30, 2010

I just recently had the bright idea to set up a website and do a blog.  The only problem is that you have to write something in your blog.  I have to admit I am a little behind for I got taken over by a new obsession.  All of a sudden at age 65 I love bling.  In fact, my friend and neighbor labeled me “the late blooming blinger”.  To make matters worse, I have taken up jewelry making especially updating or restoring old jewelry.  I am even planning a party where everyone brings their old jewelry and we create new possibilities.  To top off the party one person will tell a “restoration” story in their walk with Christ.  I will tell you how it goes.  All that to say, look for a new tab on my website: Restoration Bling.  I will be posting pictures of new and restored jewelry with storyline to boot.  How fun is that?

Emotional Manipulation

Having just attended a workshop on “Emotional Manipulation” written and presented by Jim Fogarty, EdD, thought I would share some goodies. (Check out his website:

Excerpt from Dr. Fogarty’s manual:


If I am pompous, I avoid shame.
If I am a victim, I have power.
If I triangulate, I get revenge or the upper hand.
If I promise love, I get sex.
If I blame you, you will give me what I want.
If I break you, I own you.
If I indulge, I am the preferred parent.
If I threaten or pressure, I motivate.
If I promise a wonderful future, my partner gives me what I want.