About Lottie

Lottie Hillard is a seasoned mental health counselor with 35 years (and counting) experience in private practice in Maitland, Florida (North of downtown Orlando).  She received her masters in counseling from Florida International University in Miami, Florida in 1974. In the early years she worked with and studied under Drs. Larry Crabb and Dan Allender. She founded Christian Counseling Ministry in 1978.

She has a reputation for relentlessly and carefully cutting through to the core issues in marriages, gender damage, sexual abuse recovery, depression, depersonalization, and abusive or unhealthy relationships.  Her most refreshing strength is that she lives out her relationship with Christ in a real and gutsy way.  Suffering spurs her on to greater adventure and joy. (Check out her blog).

In addition to seeing clients, Lottie leads sexual abuse recovery groups, couples’ groups, life issues growth groups and supervision groups for new counselors. She has conducted several seminars on marriage and femininity.  She gets a lot of mileage out of an article she wrote several years ago: “The Shame of Needing: A Journey To Becoming A Woman”.  She recently wrote two provocative poems:   “A Woman Of Softness and Strength” and “A Man of Strength and Kindness.”  Presently, Lottie is working on her first book:  Are You Man Enough or Woman Enough To Do Marriage?”

Having been diagnosed two years ago with Parkinson’s Disease, she has raised the ante on her mission to pour herself out for the Lamb to the lambs.